The Scarlet Box Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Scarlet Box

Rating: 3.2

She had a scarlet box,
In which she kept
Every single treasure
She ever owned...

And they were for her, alone.

There was a pack of letters,
Sweet with xxxxs and oooos
On the bottom, from a long-lost lover
Whom she had forgotten,

But they were for her, alone.

There was a diamond pin,
Set into platinum, and
Dull with age. It had been
Her grandmother's, and now,

It was for her, alone!

There was a fragile lock
Of shining baby hair,
But the baby is now grown
And gone from here,

But it was for her, and her alone.

And there was a broken heart,
Tied to a wedding ring, One
That had been for two,
But now means nothing, to anyone,

Except her, and her alone.

Dedicated to Donall Dempsey, who also owns a Scarlett Box...

Scarlett Treat
April 2,2008

Donall Dempsey 02 April 2008

Beautiful! love Donall Donall

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Gregory Gunn 07 April 2008

Hey Linda, What a lovely little charmer. I'm not as organised for my past treasures are ubiquitously dispersed over many a cardboard box. But I managed to keep most of the early love letters, notebooks, photographs, etc. This poem made me want to pore over some of them on the weekend. Thank you for posting this Scarlett. Greg XXO

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Duncan Wyllie 04 April 2008

This is profoundly sad and beautiful Scarlett, so personal it really hit the spot Inspiration by the truck load Love duncan XXX

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Ivan Donn Carswell 02 April 2008

Read, red & redolent! Vibrant with colour & poignancy - something to treasure for oneself. Rgds, Ivan

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R H 02 April 2008

Simply beautiful array of precious memories for you alone to treasure. The bittersweet recollection as the contents of the box are revealed touched this readers heart...a stunning write. A fave for sure. j xx

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Not a member No 4 02 April 2008

That Scarlett box is rich and heavy with time, memories, love and sadness L and you brought it all to us in the simplest, most heartbreaking and most telling terms and style in this lovely poem. xxx

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Scarlett Treat

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