The King Cobra Poem by Vikram G. Aarella

The King Cobra

The king is on the prowl
It doesn't walk, but crawl
Ordinary prey is not in its mind,
Its hunts only its own kind.

It can grow up to fifteen feet,
Swallows its prey whole and neat
Like a lion hunting wild buffalo and striped zebra
The king hunts rat snakes and speckled cobra.

The king is very reclusive and shy,
But when threatened can stand up and
Look at you, eye to eye,
What a spectacle to watch, o' my
You have to see the king atleast once, before you die

7/5/06 rokwd CR V.Aarella

jack russell 08 May 2006

I enjoyed this...educational too! I thought they ate all manner of beasties! Fine job :)

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Preeti - is here! 07 May 2006

Oh wow... now i have to see it! good one. preets

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Rajkamal P.j 18 August 2014

A good poem. congrats

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Rajkamal P.j 18 August 2014

A good poem. congrats

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Dr.Amit K Biswas 20 June 2006

This is a beautiful poem about one great indian species which our nation of contradiction have nearly managed to drive away by snatching its habitat.

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qwe rty 12 May 2006

i liked this one!

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Dr. Lubna S. Khan 10 May 2006

of great knowledge! ! !

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