Vikram G. Aarella Poems

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She's Married

The girl with dark and beautiful hair,
Her eyes are lovely and her skin fair.
She is like a full bloomed flower
With beauty, I can’t bear

00 - My Mother

In life’s ups and downs, good or bad
She’s always with me happy or sad
I will always long for my mother’s blessings
No matter which way my fate swings, .


I have lost my livelihood,
I can’t stand where I stood,
I have become lazy and bored
People say that I have been bangalored.

Gandhi – The Mahatma

Latest to arrive, in the line of holy men
Your beginnings were very humble
No one knew the power within you then.
You made the British Empire crumble.

Without Her

Like a desert without rain,
Like a mother without child,
Like a temple without god,
Is my life without her.

Canadian Girl

Dark clouds had just burst into rain,
I was alone, travelling in the train.
It was just beginning to gain speed,
I had with me Sunday newspaper to read.

Bleeding Heart

Wherever I go, whatever I do
I just see you smiling there
Your heart was my home
without it now, I have gone bare.

The King Cobra

The king is on the prowl
It doesn't walk, but crawl
Ordinary prey is not in its mind,
Its hunts only its own kind.

Buddha – The Enlightened

He was born in a royal family
Destined to be King and Emperor,
On the day of his birth, an astrologer
Predicted what he is destined for.

The Solar Eclipse

Was it night in day? ,
When nature has its say
Everyone ought to obey
It has to be that way.

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