Daffodils, The Poem by Vikram G. Aarella

Daffodils, The

Rating: 4.9

They are seen just for a month or two
But what a wonderful job they do,

They change the mood and atmosphere
As they start springing up everywhere,

Heralding, the end of gloomy wet days
Bringing with it the hope of sunrays,

As the days pass you see, them more and more
Emerging from the hiding in the earths core,

With joy and happiness your heart fills
When you see the splendid daffodils,

They grow fast competing with each other,
As if to attract the first bee of summer.

Slowly they start changing colour to red,
It’s not long before they are all dead.

Thank the daffodil and shed a tear
To see them again you have to wait another year.

(C) Copyright V.G.Aarella
Rdnr 14/5/06

Ernestine Northover 14 May 2006

True, and they are a delight to see in the cold winter mornings, struggling to break through the earth and glorify it. Lovely poem Love Ernestine XXX

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qwe rty 15 May 2006

now lets not cry over dead flowers, what great rhyming skills you have my favorite line(s) were 'With joy and happiness your heart fills When you see the splendid daffodils, ' very magical!

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Jui Chemburkar 20 May 2006

U have captured the beauty of daffodils with a splendid sweep.kudos to u.

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P K 18 June 2006

What a beautiful poem. Superb.

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Helen Antonas 07 July 2006

Wonderful poem...better than mine...lol...well done and keep up the great work

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Raj Arumugam 29 July 2009

a beautiful celebration of nature with charming couplets

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Mamta Agarwal 28 June 2008

a beautiful poem, reminding one of Wordsworth's poem.10 for this.flowers are such a blessing. mamta

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Philip Housiaux 15 April 2008

Yes this poem deserves more recognition - technical elements with a very precise descriptive style. Immediatly I found myself thinking this can bare comparison with wordworths effort. well done

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 09 March 2008

good reminds me of WW.keep writing........thumba chennagide

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Saroj Dhiman 14 February 2008

What a lovely poem-- I loved to go through it---- I could actually see the flowers in bloom, youve painted a thorough picture.Very well versed, thanks saroj

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