The Leaf Of The Poplar Poem by Giorgos Seferis

The Leaf Of The Poplar

Rating: 4.1

It trembled so, the wind set it sailing
it trembled so, how could it not yield to the wind
far beyond
the sea
far beyond
an island in the sun
and hand gripping oars
dying the last stroke at the sighting of port
tired eyes closing
like sea anemones

It trembled so much
I sought it so much
in the shade of the eucalyptus
Spring to Autumn
bare in the close woods
my God I sought it

Neela Nath Das 25 August 2012

Wow! Can't leave this page just for this poem. Wonderful!

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Bozhidar Pangelov 13 May 2010

favorite poem beloved poet

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Milena Veleva 15 May 2010

tired eyes closing like sea anemones

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Anton K 06 November 2015

Simply amazing. Though, I believe the translator, or whoever posted it, has made an error of grammar on the eighth line.

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Susan Williams 25 August 2014

It is remarkable how a poem will just reach out and put its hand around your throat and make you gasp at its beauty and its truth.

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Michelle Claus 25 August 2014

There is an uncontrollable drifting, a yearning, an unknowing - all encapsulated in one leaf's wayward journey. The images throughout summon a deep solitude.

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Savita Tyagi 25 August 2014

Trembling shaking leaf ends its journey in a sought after unknown. Beautiful poem.

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Terry Craddock 25 August 2014

Seems a ship is like the leaf of a poplar because the sea is so big and the ship is so small; so many reasons why It trembled so, ... It trembled so.

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