The Love Of The Prophet—an Indescribable Longing Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

The Love Of The Prophet—an Indescribable Longing

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The love of the Prophet—an indescribable longing
This longing swells, stirs and reverberates throughout the universe and all corners of the world
Longing never ends as if lying stiff in the rotation of ticking time
Longing flows profusely felt by every human being
The longing that is always tethered by the desire to flow is glorified by the poets

Longing is always never blamed with the fact of love phobia, love for the Messenger is like megalomania
Longing to complain to feelings then complain to the heart part of the body organs made from blood, flesh and which has been mixed with ammonia
Longing to get rid of existing ratios and feelings and every human being will feel willing
Those who love him, love his lover, will not expect his love to return, because it is pure until cheerful and cheering

Miss, please define it in theoretical and practical discourse because it is a gift from God and it's indescribable, always happy
The old green longing has been tied up and pulled away from broadcasting a specific and character news
Honey of love in a cup of opium at the mihrab, a love banquet attended by the Angels interspersed with sholawat mania
Until the end of his life he always reflected his love for his people, it was so obvious as if he was present in every sequence of events when we were glorified and recited in congregation through the Nabawiyah Sirah which was summarized in Al Barjanzi while glorifying the Creator as loved and himself as a lover —not far apart

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He was the Prophet Muhammad who has given intercession until the end of time
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