Television Poems: 441 / 500

The Luminous Eye.

Rating: 4.5

Television scares me.
It frightens me silly.
Our best known channels transmit
The worst of human disasters
Comets hurtling towards earth
Mega-quakes. Mega-tsunamis,
Tornadoes, and generally the
End of this earth.

Television stations seem to love this carnage
Mixed together with the atrocity of war and starvation
The fear factor reaches out
And startles us.

To add a touch of the macabre
We are told by experts unknown to most
When and where this will all happen
' The Rapture ', cry the tv believers
' You must be born again ', they reply
With a knowing grin.

Saddened, I turn to my books
Of Ginsberg, Leary and Kerouak
Lean over and turn the damned thing off.

Kelly Allen Vinal 20 March 2006

A poem that speaks much and resonates!

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Declan McHenry 20 March 2006

Grand sentiment. And it is a failing of the people not the devices. Predation.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 20 March 2006

AND with meditation and that '3rd eye' we could reverse the current negative trends. However, as a nation we are not that advance. As a people we can stand up to the challenges ahead. Nice write, willow moon. L

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