The Magic Of The Beach Poem by Jim Yerman

The Magic Of The Beach

One reason we are drawn to slow walks along the beach…besides the beauty we are shown…is that every walk along the shore has a magic of its own.

Even though we may walk the same beach…may amble the same shore
each walk is filled with subtle differences than the walk before.

The sand beneath our feet has shifted since the last time that we came…and in all the times we've walked this beach…no two sunsets are the same.

It's possible we could see some errant seagulls, hungry ospreys or graceful pelicans soar…and if we're lucky a family of dolphins might be swimming just off shore.

There is a good chance we'll catch a breeze as it rides the waves onto the land…or see the footprints of some animals left imprinted in the sand.

Today we witnessed a beautiful sight as a grandpa and his grandson waded into the sea…and I remembered when that little boy was my grandson…and that grandpa next to him…was me.

As I watched them in the present making a memory that in their life I hope will last…
I smiled as my own memories allowed me to step into my past.

On this walk we saw pelicans…and seagulls…and sea shells hanging in a tree…
We saw a kaleidoscope of colors in the sky as the sun set in the sea…

But seeing that grandpa and his grandson…allowed me back in time to reach…
Reminding there is always as much beauty on the shore…
as there is magic on the beach.

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