The Mender Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Mender

Rating: 3.3

There are times
When dull, useless words
Can be polished - - -
Buffed until they shine
Like 'the silver flashing of a soul.'

Pain, fully known,
Or love, fully bloomed,
Shines words to this degree.
Pain, and the loss of love,
Leave the residue
Of a broken,
Seemingly unmendable, heart.

But you came along
With your words of love,
So bright,
So shining,
And mended my heart.

Now there is no hurt,
No memory of hurt.
Only love remains,
And shining words.

Elysabeth Faslund 27 November 2007

OH, but this is good! Simple, to-the-point, and chock full of the promise of a deeper meaning! xxxElysabeth

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Robert Howard 28 December 2007

Wonderful command of language and rhythm employed in the service of noble sentiment.

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Chris Mendros 30 November 2007

what they all said.... Sweet testament to the redemptive power of live, and art.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 29 November 2007

Talk about yir' Poetic ''Dynamic Duo'', would'ya', now! Duncan nailed it all so well, and i must concur, adding only, that this honey & this nectar be of the sweetest & most mind potable variety, indeed...Sterling Work, Guys! ~ ~ ~

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Duncan Wyllie 29 November 2007

Like honey for the mind, nectar for the soul, , beautiful* Love duncan X

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R H 28 November 2007

This is gorgeous! Love the echo of the line 'the silver flashing of a soul' that ended your earlier poem. You have successfully developed this striking image and produced another beautiful love poem - it's perfect! jz xx

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