The Green Willow Tree Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Green Willow Tree

Rating: 3.0

When I die,
Oh, bury me, please,
'Neath the budding
Of Springtime's Weeping Willow Tree,
Near the creek
Where the icy waters flow,
And place in my hand
A single red rose.

A single red rose, my love,
Just an single red rose,
To stand for my sweetheart,
My only true love...

My only true love,
My dearest one,
the one I loved
Through all my long life,
And all my passing days.

And for the child I bore,
Put there those violets I love,
The ones that grow
In the moss along the creek
Where the icy waters flow
Around the roots
Of the green willow tree.

David Harris 07 January 2008

Scarlett, I can vaguely remember a song a long time ago about someone wanting to be buried beneath a willow tree. This beautiful poem brought it back to me. As the others have said don't you go just yet just hanging in there and write us more and more of your wonderful poetry. Love and Hugs David

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Thad Wilk 07 January 2008

Love It ST! Keep inking, pleasure to read! *10*! ! Thad

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Original Unknown Girl 07 January 2008

It's a lovely poem Scarlett but I do have to agree with Donall and say.... not yet Scarlett, not yet! ! HG: -) xx

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Donall Dempsey 07 January 2008

Gulp! Don't die just yet...would you not prefer a red rose now...see...I place it in your hand...a red rose made of words. love Donall Donall

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Ben Gieske 20 March 2008

A pleasure to read. Beautiful images and a truly melodic flow. I like this part the best. The repetition is superb. single red rose. A single red rose, my love, Just an single red rose,

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Ron Dragano 21 February 2008

It's beautiful - sounds like something that sailed out of Ireland or Scotland and lived in some valley in Appalachia before dropping down into the that old time -plaintive sound - rd

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Duncan Wyllie 11 January 2008

A deeply moving piece Scarlett, such narative, such compellling feelings coming across Wonderful, though very sad Love duncan X

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Chris Mendros 07 January 2008

i'm w/ T on this one, if you die, etc... This is beautiful.

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Despite the morbig thought (and if you die, BTW, I'll kill ya) this is the most beautiful, song-like piece. Wonderful to read. Dare I say a Treat? t x

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Scarlett Treat

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