~the Morning.. Poem by Dislocated Heart

~the Morning..

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I woke up this morning..
With a frown..
But one phone call turned it all around..
She is the only person..
that makes me happy..
The one i can think bout..
and smile.

Yet..In the bak of my mind..
theres my past..
that haunts.
That kills me a little..
Each time i think bout it.

To the point where my heart is stoppin..
Where its tired of pumpin.
Done surviving..

And it kills me a little each time..
You say.. you love me..
Cuz it was never true..
if you did..
We would've worked it out..
She lies.. yet i kno..
But my heart.. loves her..
more then i wanted to..

I went for a week..
thinkin.. im better off without her.
she isnt what i wanted..
what i needed.
But she is the one my heart wants.

My mind is done.. with all this drama,
what you create..
tellin me to move on.. thats the only way.
so i sit here.. in this early morning..
why do i still love her this way?

And with that phone call.. everything goes away..
she is erased, for that moment..
as i talk with her.. im fine.. for one more day..

(ah.. I think its a confusin poem xP)

Allysyn Bryant 07 September 2008

Confusing yet i understand it.....does that make me weird? lol. I like the way you wrote this, good job.

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