**love You** Poem by Dislocated Heart

**love You**

Rating: 2.8

When all crashes.. Will you be here?
People say, Love is the best thing in the world..
I must say.. I agree..

I'm feeling so lucky to be alive..
cuz I've got this girl of mines..
She is like a daimond in the sky..
Sparkle and shine..

Never thought It could be like this..
you make my world go round..
You simply fill my heart with love..

Babe, This is one thing I will never regret..
I wont pretend who I'm not.
Cuz with you..
I'm myself..
For once in my life..
I finally got something right..
My love belongs to you..
I will my give all, and everything that I've got.
I'm not holding bak..
Cuz the only thing I wanna do..
Is love you.

All I wanna do..
Is love you.

Babe, I'm scared to the core of my heart..
Scared to be hurt again..
But I trust you with my heart..
Riskin it all..
cuz I love you..
More then you know..
And probably More then I show.

I will always be afraid of love..
But you..
Help me love again..
I might act a little strange..
But the one thing I promise..
I'll always stay true..
& all I ever wanna do..
Is love you.

Katrina Pilon 08 January 2009

i love this poem its nice i hope she reads it and feels the same

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Crystal Torres 31 March 2009

wonderful 100% pure greatness ^.^

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Marvin Brato 29 September 2008

True love transcends and overcomes heartaches and frustrations, loving someone true is the only hope a person can move on! Good write, high marks.

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You should tell her that..... Thanks for sharing. Very Good -Brie

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! ? LoVe DeViL ?! HD 16 December 2008

hi! this poem is really amazing cause u know how 2 show ur feelings and it came from ur deeper heart. good-job. nice wishes.

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esther 27 May 2018

wow this is great ,love is the biggest gift u can get from somebody

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Bethany Williams 16 July 2009

wow that is great that you want to stay straight for your girl friend. You keep it coming dude. I am also staying straight for my future boyfriend maybe someday husband. With all the peer pressure we both have to stay straight no matter what happens. Ok love to read some more poems.

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Kayla Daley 12 June 2009

AWWWW! :) that is sooooo sweet lol

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Christina Phan 14 April 2009

great write thnks for checking my poem n comment on it i appriectice it well done 10+ i k how u feel n this remind me of someone amazing

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Rosalita Fernandez 08 April 2009

wow, this is great! full of all the worries of love, but also showing the joy of it too.

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