The Page Cannot Be Displayed... Poem by Shirley Hanley

The Page Cannot Be Displayed...

Rating: 5.0

Just sailing along on PoemHunter
enjoying the ride of words penned,
only to be rudely interrupted
all too often with...

The page cannot be displayed
There is a problem with the page
you are trying to reach and
it cannot be displayed.
Please try the following:

... only trying the following
brings more aggravation
and no desirable solution
to the interruption of one's afternoon.

Arrrrrgh I say
not again! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

PoemHunter is limping again.


Angel OfGod 15 November 2009

Very elegantly said...I too almost gave up on this site.

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Ranjit Ravindran 15 November 2009

The enthusiasm with which we post comments is all lost for the comment gets substituted with a page not found or Http 500 internal server error or even to re log in. Well timed poem. I think the user base of PH has increased by leaps & bounds and so its not being able to take the load. PH needs our support..Lets all donate something. Nice write Ma'am.

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Richard Post 15 November 2009

may we all consider donating a small gift to poemhunter, a really amazing site that never asks for much, but does so much for us, so that it can improve its glitches

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Romeo Della Valle 15 November 2009

Believe me, Shirley, it is really annoying, right now, I am also going through that. I hope this site will improve...You got my vote...RDV

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natshka danda 15 November 2009

My thoughts exactly. It is frustrating. I am tempted to migrate to another site.

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