The Painter Poem by Daniel Brick

The Painter

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The painter holds her brush deftly,
and paints a diagonal black line
across the canvas. She doesn't know
what it will become. Her gesture seemed
right at the moment of doing, as she takes
the line for a walk, as Paul Klee put it.
Suddenly, in the middle of the canvas,
she stops, or did the line stop itself?
She lifts the brush from the surface.
She feels an undefined mood within
that has become part of the process.
It permits her mind to roam freely
as it scans the white space before her.
She holds her brush loosely, it could
fall from her limp hand at any moment.
but it doesn't, because hand and brush
have become one. Her thoughts are arrested,
something older and mysterious brings forth
a memory: A woman and a man stand together,
intensely aware of each other's presence.
He leans toward her, into her space.
She leans also, into his space. And the two
become one shape. This is the moment
the painter senses the whole picture,
not in her mind, but in her hand. She trusts
hand and brush, and knows every stroke that
the painting requires. She hums snatches
of favorite songs as the couple take on
the reality of her remembrance.But something
else is happening. She can feel it but can
not name it. That is not important. What is
important is the life the figures will live.
She is in command now, or so it seems
as the painting comes into existence.
The light remains steady, no shadows mar
her gestures. The painter feels a mood
of calm enter her mind and the painting.

Monday, July 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: art
Glen Kappy 16 July 2019

daniel, i like how you imagine the process, including the arrival of inspiration, for the painter and her painting. and this may seem a weird jump, but what a contrast between her image and munch's " scream." a question arises for me—if she waited for then felt and went with the inspiration, who, actually, is in " command" ? -glen

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 July 2019

Dear sir, you have so brilliantly inscribed this poem on Painter having an insightful observation. As the painter feels a mood of calm enter her mind and the painting so also you you have calm mind to observe it.Great work.10

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Liza Sudina 09 July 2019

Daniel, a deep introspection into the process of creating of a painting! Description is so intimate, inspiring, enigmatic like love and revelation! And complete - so it brings calm to her and transfers it to the viewers.

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Valsa George 09 July 2019

When a painter holds the brush in hand, he/she may not have a clear idea of what image is going to come out! As the brush moves forward, the idea gets clearer and the brush strokes fall on the canvas. It might be inspired by a memory or an impression long encased in mind! Here the poet is inspired by the life of a pair of lovers. As the painting progresses the two figures merge into one like their love and a masterpiece is born. A lovely poem on the birth of an artistic marvel.....

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Chinedu Dike 08 July 2019

Painting as an art is but the work of an intricate mind. An insightful piece of poetry, well conceived and elegantly brought forth with conviction. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing, sir. Remain enriched.

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