Ace Of Black Hearts

Silver Star - 3,265 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

The Pleading Spirit - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Depravity has filled in so many souls.
Trying to fill this hole.
With the Internet disgusting images poor.
A door has been opened.
Their is no closing it, no not anymore.

You can't silence the beast you once tried to destroy.
We will always have love for each other.
We will hold our thoughts and prayers with you.
We do anything and everything to help our fellow man and woman.
We are just trying to spread the love.
Why is it you hate us so much?

Isn't empathy a strength not a flaw?
The heartless do not take pause.
A free spirit in flight.
A flashing of the everlasting light.
Guidance is being sought how can we ignore it?

We are not criminals.
We have done nothing wrong.
We don't promote violence but peace.
We don't lie, we speak the truth and demand a justice for it.
Stand up, just stand up for what you believe.
Do not let them ever win.

Bullets kill, but a united love can never be destroyed.
No matter the means to control.
You might be able to show them something they never wanted to see.
You had to be silenced, it was meant to look like a suicide.
They couldn't allow you to break what took them years to gain.

Troublesome to refrain with cameras, and everyone watching.
Defining life as we know it.
To give a gift without any expectation of something in return.
Materialistic, will never suit our true needs.
We are socialistic creatures.
We need our comforts.
We need our love.
We need some one to share our pain with.
How about the whole entire world?

How about the whole entire world?

Would you offer the homeless man on the street a bite of your sandwich?
I would.
What would you offer those truly in need but not in search of it?
Diverting our tasks to out right slavery.
Why is are so many nations promoting by buying into the luxury and convince.
Do you know where that was made?
Do you know what it really cost so you could be happy with your ipod or similar gadget?
Do you know what it will cost you children or grandchildren?
Do you think about any of this ever?

Not only must we love everyone, but also make sure it is not denied.
When defending humanities rights they are no borders.
No divide between nations, no matter the corporations.
I'm special because I donate to these causes.
But how much do you compared to the funding of the total opposite?
Their is no middle ground, you can't be for peace and promote war sometimes, you can't be for love and promote hate, greed, or slavery sometimes.
We numb to the possibility of who we are hurting with only a single dollar spent.
We are not ignorant but instead we just don't care or believe it won't make a difference.
You missing the point, if you are trying to accomplish a goal.
The point of doing something good, is because it is good.
Not because their might be pot gold at the end of the rainbow.
Let me spread my love with this message.
Let me destroy the indifference that is all around me.
Let us be what humanity was always suppose to be with empathy.
Let us do all we can.

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