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The Poem That Failed

Rating: 2.3

There is a place where significance ends -
that is the place where the metaphors tire
and the similes dimmily fail to inspire
and the poem runs out in a meaningless flood
but the poet won’t give up and declare it a dud

for the critics they spot and the readers they know,
you can get up and go, it’s the end of the show…for
there is the place where significance ends.

Scarlett Treat 28 August 2006

Can any poet EVER say die on something we are working on? I don't! I put them back for a while, because even I can admit it needs work, but I just CAN'T give up on my babies! ! Scarlett

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This is touching even with its comedic element, Miguelito! I enjoyed it very much.

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fanniesson - 28 August 2006

thoughts so true loved the read

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Michael Shepherd 28 August 2006

No, me neither, folks - the first draft of this one was a sour little thing! But it's good to know it!

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Giving in or giving up Declaring any piece a dud I think not so my learned friend and think tis not, tis not the end.... t x

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Raynette Eitel 28 August 2006

I love this, Michael. The good poet knows when the end has arrived. Oh dear! Raynette

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Geoff Warden 28 August 2006

A truth set in humour and yet I too could not put my words to death....

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