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The Preacher Can'T Spell

Rating: 5.0

this is for you, David Harris (LOL)

Have you ever heard of a preacher
who cannot spell?
never heard? oh, yes, i do..he he

were you able to read his notes for his sermons
and the words just scrambled
and the spelling is bad..oh, bad...
nahhh, i have noticed it..LOL

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Skender Braka 01 February 2017

nice... very nice... written contained more.. congratulations my feeling better for your pen Mrs. Meggie

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David Harris 15 November 2008

Lil sis, this makes me smile. I have to admit when we chat I cannot type quick enough. hehehe and so the spelling mistakes begin. Lol. Great write though. Thanks for sharing it with everyone. '1' Lovand Hugs Big Bruv

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Marilyn Lott 12 November 2008

Adorable write for an obviously great friend. Loved it! '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Meggie Gultiano 12 November 2008

Note: in our daily chat, David Harris always misspelled his words, and his reason why..because his false teeth keeps falling whenever he typed..Hmm, ok, noted.LOL Thank you so much for any nice comment.God bless you all Meggie

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 12 November 2008

Well you know, the lord only only hears the words of our heart...: -) You owe me David for being kind, one of your little sisters picking on you again... Andy 10

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