The Predator Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

The Predator

Rating: 4.9

You have a razor-sharp mind
And a barb wit
You speak eloquently
It matches
Your long black damask robe.

In your court
You have a zest for verbal combat
And strongly worded views
On all issues.

But when you scribe your notes
They are all lies
Your lying pen emits
Blood monies
And the cries of the oppressed.

A wise and experienced man
Armed with hired hands
That trapped litigants
Laden with fortune
And waiting to be swooped.

You traded the gavel of Justice
With jet ski and muscle mustang
You love to acquire high-end things
At the expense of people's rights
And honor.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: injustice
Anjandev Roy 11 November 2019

An outstanding write. Thank u.anjandev Roy.

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Practicing Poetess 08 November 2019

Unfortunately, there are ppl in positions of power who are corrupt. A well-written poem, Rose Marie, and congrats on Poem of the Day! : -)

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Sandra Feldman 08 November 2019

A unforgettable poem that does justice to the honor of being Poem of the Day and long to be remembered.

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Sandra Feldman 08 November 2019

To call out evil, Is incredibly daring and fair To call it out so beautifully and well, Not many can or dare. A most wonderfully written and courageous poem! Should be held as an example. with universal qualities

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Kesav Easwaran 09 March 2020

To preach something and to practice the very opposite. This world is full of such people. A bold voice yours against them. Good poem on a social theme, Rose Marie 10+

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Denis Mair 31 March 2023

This gives glimpse into a corrupt world where laws are formulated to protect human values, but a master manipulator uses them to wield power. His brain is probably drenched in testosterone.

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Rob Lamberton 21 March 2023

Beauty has fallen and endangers all of society.5*****

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Bharati Nayak 08 December 2022

All professions have their good and bad people.Some are honest, some dishonest.If you refer to Court and judiciary then, lawyers come to mind.This profession requires sharp miind and eloquence.Their job is a tough job and they can not always take the side of truth.

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Bri Edwards 08 December 2022

What are 'blood monies'? There are other parts which 'beg explanations' (for me at least) . How about a Poet's Notes? ? bri ;)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 October 2022

A great poem dear poetess. My pleasure revisiting it

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