The Present. Poem by Tom Allport

The Present.

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If the past
Has been
And the future
Never seen
Then the present
Must always be
In between!

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophical
Laurie Van Der Hart 08 June 2017

That's right! And today is the tomorrow that you spoke about yesterday...

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Tribhawan Kaul 17 June 2017

Lovely poem with a little philosophical touch. :)

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Valsa George 14 June 2017

A unique way of presenting the Past, Future and the Present....! Thus we see the Present sandwiched between the past and future!

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Susan Williams 13 June 2017

Laurie's comment was so well written I feel intimidated to be sitting here trying to say something insightful. Whenb I read it the first time, I finished with a smile on my face. I appreciated the neatness of the twists and flips and it made me smile to be in the presence of a man who could wax philosophical in a witty and poetic way and I say... Hurray! ! !

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Hans Vr 08 June 2017

I like the poem. At first sight it seems so simple but reflecting on it, the wonder of time is truly amazing, isn't it?

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Rini Shibu 08 June 2017

Good write..present Will be tomorrow the past :)

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