Johnathan Andrew Collins

The Prisoner - Poem by Johnathan Andrew Collins

I sat on the grimy floor of an iron pen,  
Iron bars obstructing my freedom,
As I sat entrapped within this gaol,
Confined and shackled is my soul,
I can still dream of freedom, dream of hope,
As I peer through Liberty's portal. 
I can see the world through the eyes of Atlas,
As he feels what he sees but cannot touch,
An observer who complentates of the world,
As it silently burns and turns to dust.
His wanting of freedom metamorphosed to lust.
But the heavy burden upon him pulls him down,
Shackled by the chains of Zeus' will,
But as he was confined he held his head high and proud,
No storm could ever his fire douse.
As I sat facing the cold steely walls,
His spirit never in my heart shall dwell,
For my strength now falters and fails,
As every day passes my hope dwindles and falls.
I can still dream of the dream when I can start
Start to dream not of freedom and liberty,
I still remember the day of tragedy,
The moon translucent above me,
With bloodied blade held in my sweaty hand,
I advanced on, lusting for blood to be shed.
I casted no shadow, invisible to all,
Eager for his fate to befall,
His cursed fate but a dropp in the ocean,
As I punished him for his myriad sins.
I hid in the darkness, hiding from light,
Encroaching upon him within his sight,
He coiled up and hid, like the cur that he was,
Arms flailing, eyes widening, as he accepted that he must
Embrace his end without any fear,
But surrendered he did, his death was near,
I snatched his life and with bloodied blade I drew,
As he fell limpless from the strike I blew.
His shell upon the ground soiled and with his blood watered,
As I stood beside him, once slew I faltered.
And with iron chain I was shackled ever since,
Forced to repent and to face my sins.
With tears I shed for the blood
I shed,
Guilt had bred as his corpse had bled,
Between myself and no other else,
He casts a nightmare to my blissful sleep,
He haunts me the moment I awake from my dreams.
I am trapped and confined in the gaols of my mind,
Dreaming of light, but I am eternally blind,
I speak but no words come from my lips,
Only the sound of my bitter tears from my eyes drip,
I hear but no words come for me to be heard,
Audible only my heart that is beating like a drum.
His blood and mine from womb entwined,
As I remember his wan face, so alike to mine,
Akin, twins from identical bloodline,
Born under identical celestial sign.
So many words that were left unsaid,
So many times I have hoped to repent,
Our bond was there but concealed by wrath,
Forgotten and left in the sand until death.
How much I wish to death be sent,
To see you in the afterworld again,
To bleed as I have made you bled,
To cry for all the pain I made you have.
The pain I now go through is nothing I have encountered,
My body engulfed in a thousand forge fires,
To gasp and breathe for my life shall now flicker
And death be dealt to this eternal prisoner.
My heart shall be scarred forever,
To hold the blade that caused your life to be severed,
The blade that killed my flesh and blood, my dear brother,
And in life and death we shall be together.
No iron bar can make my life incomplete,
No iron chain may shackle my body,
No iron pen can keep me here forever,
No iron pen can confine this prisoner.
But I succumb to confinement for I still remember,
To your eternal will I concede and surrender.
I know I must join you now or never,
In life or in death we shall be together.
I held the knife to my own life shall sever,
The knife which dealt death to you last September,
Our life-blood just once more mingle together,
Bonded at birth from the womb of our mother.
I looked at my blade and I see your reflection,
Chanting that I should join you, to be with you.
The blade I drew from my hip to my chin,
And than slowly I traced a crimson line from my right ear to
My left ear and I followed through,
My blood spilling to the floor of this room,
As my flame now flickers I embrace my doom,
For I know that I could see you soon,
Everything dies and so should I,
It is the Way that all has come by,
And all has turned black as my vision once had,
I can trace vaguely your silhoutte,
This is how it feels to be embraced by Death,
To walk to it's gates and embrace what it has
To offer, the weapon of all's greatest fear,
The fear of losing all that is dear.
I can feel the end, I can feel free,
Free from this living that pain has given me,
I have escaped from the tombs of my heart,
The catacombs of my soul,
This prisoner is forever free.  

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 3, 2010

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