The Prisoner's Wife Poem by Mary Spain

The Prisoner's Wife

Rating: 5.0

She sits there, fingering her wedding-ring
With restless hands, while counsel for the Crown,
Urbane and skilled, concludes his questioning.
She listens, keen and anxious, quick to frown
At each obtrusive sound that might distract
The judge's ear. They speak of violence
In passive tones, as men play out an act
They've played before; where one man's innocence
Or guilt is held contained within the scope
And framework of the law. Did this man kill?
I watch as one apart, untouched by hope
Or senseless craving for revenge, until
I see the words: 'Imprisonment for life',
Inflict their sentence on the prisoner's wife.

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 July 2009

Release the lock of his wife would be a better idea! !

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Patrick Ladbrooke 11 February 2008

Powerful poem, and an interesting angle. I like the style of it too, a mixture of free verse and a rhyme to dramatise the effect on the real victim. Good luck with it Patrick

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Catastrophe King 17 October 2006

Indeed... a mind-awakening piece..... it was very thoughtful of you to pick on this theme! Excellent work here.... Every line is alive with life's pain! You write like an artist.... when would we see some new work from you..... It is so much a pleasure to read you... a complete 10 for you here.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 09 August 2006

The Prisoner and his wife both sentenced to the life imprisonment by law.It seems very unfair? A very thought provoking poem Mary.Well done.

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Mary Nagy 02 August 2006

I really enjoyed this Mary. You bring the reader right into the courtroom with you. Very nice work. Sincerely, mary

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