The Red Past And The Green Future Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

The Red Past And The Green Future

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The story of red past is a tragedy full of nobility
It’s the history of eternal faces
The history of an unfair war
That now happens due to tar

Red past is a symbol for defending
A symbol for all the people who needs to stay strong
It gives a lesson to all of us,
That we have enough power with no loss

Red past is a book, a book consists of several lessons
And it's important one is to protect our beliefs
We should respect all the humans' ideas and their way of living
And we should protect our ideas and our spiritual being

And the green future is a warm faith
A powerful one that gives us the real feeling of being seen
Green future teaches us that the justice is not dead yet,
And I look for the green future with my eyes those are wet

Wait. Let the time to pass its way
Time passing is a gift from God if we think more
The green future will shine a day soon
And that day the justice will shine as the moon

Hi to all dear readers. this poem is a religion one.hope you like it.
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 29 May 2013

I also look forward to a green future and d red war one behind as u say in yor inspiring excellent poem. Thumbs up!

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Kelvin Owusu 14 May 2013

where ever despair lays hope also resides, n excellent thoughtful truthful piece

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Poetheart Morgan 25 April 2013

I had and have my Red Past too. When you fight for freedom, fight for all your life. Has no more Green Future. Just for a few but never for whom that fight.

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Captain Cur 24 April 2013

Very beautiful and well written words descripting different philosophies, that our true goal should be peace and acceptance of others beliefs and customs.

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Nader Baheri 20 April 2013

rationally written dear Ellias. And you are completely right during those ancient times too many battles happened just for dictating their religions to other religions and the one who won the battles became a hero.the battles like crusade wars.~nb

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

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