The Road To Wendover Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

The Road To Wendover

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A busy thoroughfare
For those who dare

Freak accidents abound
On that cursed stretch of ground

Tooele exit and beyond
One hundred miles of dread

Lined with crosses
For all to see

Each cross a memory
A loved one who left too soon

Early mornings beware
Of the lady who stands alone

You stop to render an assist
But end up alone in the mist

Travel the road in the bright sunlight
To avoid the evil that dwells in the night

The Road To Wendover
Saturday, November 30, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Highway Interstate 80 runs between Salt Lake City, Utah and Wendover, Nevada.This stretch has claimed hundreds of lives.I know it not as a highway but as a gauntlet.
Kim Barney 22 October 2014

Been there, have traveled that road.

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Grace Jessen 27 October 2014

Interesting poem! I prefer to travel Highway 50, the Loneliest Road in America, but have had a few scary experiences there, too.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 12 May 2015

An EVIL so strong it reaches into the light and turns daytime into night. Recently,14 April 2015, midday, One dead,18 hospitalized in I-80 crashes. Many accident photos on-line, search accidents on I-80 Utah. Yesterday,4: 50pm, my wife and I drove the deadly stretch returning from our Mother's Day weekend in Wendover, NV.

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Ryan Figgins 01 October 2017

Love this poem, I remember that road to Wendover... Traveled it many times my friend.

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Kim Barney 23 December 2021

I don't remember the picture with the cross and the dove! When did you add that?

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Grace Diane Jessen 09 August 2021

Wow! This poem intrigues me, makes me want to know more. Good work!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 30 April 2021

Used to ride my horse there, before there was a highway...

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Kathy Wright 08 July 2020

Reading your poem this morning and wondeng why this road is so dangerous. Looks like a poem for the TV program called Twilight Zoneri. Remember you would wake me up when we all were kids at home so you weren't alone watching it. Creepy program. Poem is well written filled with suspense and mystery.

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Gail Holt 17 August 2019

If this road is so dangerous, there must be ways to make it safer. Possibly lower the speed limit and use headlights during the days and nights.

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