Pain Poems: 57 / 500

The Show

Rating: 4.7

You give me pain you don't know,
All you see is just a show.
Crying out from deep within,
You see the show about to begin.

Screaming out from my soul,
Your laughter fills this empty hole.
My heart rips out, you still can't see,
How much pain you caused me.

Crying, dying on the floor,
Fighting in this heartless war.
A war of anger, war of pain,
Bleed it out, let it drain.

Weakly calling out your name,
My final cry to you in vain.
My breath is shallow, vision blurred,
Silence surrounds me, nothing heard.

Your smile fades and turns to fear,
As this 'show' becomes so clear.
Your world has stopped, time is froze,
The curtains of my eyes have closed.

Sorrow fills your time and space,
Tears stream down your lovely face.
My pain was real and now you know,
End of life...end of show.

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Pain Poems: 57 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: pain
Brianna Winebarger 15 March 2012

Great poem! I love the way you write, simple but complex with all the descriptive words. It is so clear what you are saying, but you write it as if it was a big mystery. Kudos...

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Melody Thaila Kuku 29 March 2012

Your poem is simple but powerful. I can feel the strong emotion behind this. I feel your fear, the hope and despair. I share the feeling throughout the poem. Poetry is not just the words or rhyme but also how it can stir our emotions. We all need to be understood by those we love. Great poem, i think you should do a collection of your poem. Salute to you.

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Tiana Webb 25 March 2012

This poem is so heart wrenching and real. It clearly shows the pain the character is feeling, both of them. I have been through my own tough times where you are hurting but no one knows or cares, though I am lucky to have found a friend... I think the explanation adds to the poem, not take it away. Amazing.

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Ency Bearis 17 March 2012

A poignant poem, well expressed emotion. Great write. But you don't have to explain the poem at the end. Poem need to be interpreted by the reader and has different varaition of how to analyze it.

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Dave Walker 16 March 2012

A really fantastic poem, I truly love this. A friend of mine went through this. One of my poems called, What Was Your Fear, Was written for him.

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Guy Lip-more 22 June 2014

Great poem, talk about heartache explained, wow.

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Beth White 17 August 2012

It was great well done I'm speech less I have a tingle down my spine

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Dominic Hunt 17 August 2012

great poem adam this flows great and i love the end

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David Corman 13 August 2012

A deep display of heartache indeed. Whilst subtly cathartic, vivid steeping is apparent. Hearts are very powerful. Their true affects directly correlate with their present state. Splendid explanation. The antithetical delivery works wonders.

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Alicia Meyers 06 August 2012

So emotion, deep sayings, and very powerful. [3

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