My Teachers. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

My Teachers.

Rating: 4.4

Mother's womb is
full of darkness.
We remain there
for nine months.

Birth enables us
to see the light of Cosmos,
the leaves see,
the flowers see,
the sky sees,
the animals see
the same sunlight
as we see.
Still there is a veil of darkness,
the garb of ignorance on us.

This veil is taken off
by proper education
imparted by noble institutions.
Excellent teachers
skilled in communication
taught us alphabets to jargons,
numbers and their interactions,
shared our burden,
inhaled some chalk power,
struggled with dusters
on black boards,
listened, with patience,
all our queries,
offered logical trust worthy
took care, tried hard,
to build, in us,
a strong foundation,
make us complete humans,
hence worthy of all admiration.

Gift of food is a relief
for some time,
gift of knowledge
is the solution for life time,
our teachers do this
for no selfish gain,
they take our success
as their credit,
our failure is their debit.

I earned my bread and butter,
also for my parents and children,
progress successfully
through many
turbulence and turmoils of life,
all due to their magnanimous
blessings and contribution.

My head bows down,
for ever, before all my teachers,
my heart is, for ever,
full of humility
and gratitude to them.
Pray them, my God,
remember their faces
and advice in
my mental realm.

Teachers contributed to tear away the veil of our ignorance.
Sylvia Frances Chan 30 January 2022

I see this poem as a complete thankfulness to our teachers.. Dear Dr. Dash, your teachers must read this amazing poem too. They must get a copy

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Nabakishore Dash 30 January 2022

My regards to you a

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Nabakishore Dash. 30 January 2022

My sincerest regards to you for your encouraging suggestion.Revered Rose Marie also suggeted like you on 30th Nov.2021.Hence I sent a copy to one of my english teachers of school days.His joy new no bounds.He sent me his blessing in a return call.Keeping your suggestions my trial was successful.

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Bri Edwards 15 May 2022

You left a comment on my Friday the 13th poem. Thanks. I've read your PH Bio (which seems written 'in the third person' (which I've seen in a few other bios, but it is rare that I see it) .)

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Bri Edwards 16 August 2022

I used one of your poems in my: Showcase Of Poems Of August 2022: Some P-H Poems I've Enjoyed Recently, And Now Share With You! , ....found in my PH list of my poems.

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Nabakishore Dash 16 August 2022

Dear Bri, I am feeling an inexpressible joy in my heart for you included Nomophobia in your show case.Sincere thanks.

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Bri Edwards 14 August 2022

I'd prefer the WOMB (still) to the class-ROOM. But there were no girls in Mom's womb. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 14 August 2022

ND, I fail to be able to send you a message about a poem (mine: Manu And The Snake) YOU lellt a comment at this year. Thanks. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 14 August 2022

'inhaled some chalk power [sic], ' oops. Ha ha. AND teachers keep us penned up during school hours to allow parents to earn money and take care of home and other, younger, children. Yay for teachers. : ) bri

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Nosheen Irfan 23 July 2022

I myself am a teacher by profession and it's so heart warming to read such a great tribute to the teachers. A moment of pride for all teachers. I am sure your teachers must be honoured to have a student like you.5stars.

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