Tranquil Beneath The Trees Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

Tranquil Beneath The Trees

Rating: 4.8

The moon and the stars share the sky's peace,
While the sun after roaming now sleeps.
Calm as mist silver, the night appeals
In a kind crawling across the streets.
Underneath these fifty four score trees,
I walk 'midst their calmness my heart seeks.
My soul dwells upon the nature's greens,
Edible with taste of hush that creams.
My heart airy running as wind speeds.

To joy's brink, my essence, penchant leads,
Like gazelle feathered across with beams.
In this park, the beechen frames are scenes
Of serenity, like mountains' peaks
On the orb, my essence tender sees.
Nature in a way as a guardian treats
One with cloud-like harmony one feels.
Of the walk bliss I 'am enjoying keeps,
Lit my essence tender to increase.

Angelic Warrior 30 August 2009

thank-you i really needed calming :) ......great read.....absolutely beautiful! love it! ......its going into favorites! 10+++

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Shauna Joyner 30 August 2009

Damn wat can i say it so beautiful i wish i could of been in dat kind of place! calm, quite, peaceful....wonderful

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Hanna Sara 30 August 2009

love it so much! ! ! ! ! ! you used very beautiful words... never imagine a place like that.... amazing! ! 10+++

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E DM 31 August 2009

Dear Obinna, It is a well written poem, almost like a Keats' one. Well done. And I like some feelings and images that suggest Africa! I like Africa and Benin in particular. I suggest that you bring your culture and country more into your poems. Doing so would make them really special and real. We want to know more about you and your people. Make them alive as well as your nature, the antelopes and the lions, the African nights, the bronze sculptures and the wooden ones, the old forest spirits and maybe the new ones (globalization, Americanization, etc.) . All the best. Enea

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Inner Whispers 02 September 2009

My friend Obinna, It is the tranquility of nature sometimes makes a man realize the wonders of life...great right...thanks for inviting me...I am fine but I am out of my country for a mission...Sorry for the late read, hmn? Keep on...I learned from great poets here like you. Be well. Greca

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Krisdale Talidong 20 November 2009

A great poem... I feel I'm been graced with the winds of tranquility while reading this poem...^__^

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Rhiley Anne Vincent 13 October 2009

Beautiful english you use! A true poets poem

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Sayz LFlynn 05 October 2009

great imagrey Obinna, keep up the great work! 10! !

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Paul Du Plessis 01 October 2009

I could imagine myself beneath the trees. Thank you.

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Zachary Clark 20 September 2009

This is a good poem I like the imagery. Draw back the rhyming is slightly forced and too wordy.

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