The Suffocation Of Mr. Heimlich

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A worm who lived inside a leaf
was stolen by a hungry thief.
Inside a lettuce he'd resided
just when the Lord himself decided
that he would make the bumpy journey
into the house of an attorney.

You see, the thief had still more plans
the lawyer had gone to a dance
and in the leisure of the night
he turned the switch of the big light.
While opening the safe with skill
the worm inside the leaf felt ill.

He sensed that this would be the day
that for his thieving he would pay.
And as you know, the worm was too
a parasite, a true filou!
He lived inside a lettuce leaf
and thus, fit the description 'thief'.

When all the riches had been packed
the thief considered that he lacked
the energy to cart away
the takings of this special day.
The kitchen's fridge contained salami,
as well as cheese and hot pastrami.

He grabbed a roll and smothered it
with mayonnaise and just a bit
of mustard from the town Dijon
and then he said, Voilà, and Bon.
He placed the leaf next to the meat
and, hurriedly began to eat.

As you can tell without a doubt,
this criminal was not a Kraut.
He had a mind that lacked precision
and suffered from inferior vision.
That's why he never was aware
of frightened worm eyes and their stare.

Inside the gullet it was tight,
and suddenly the hefty bite
got stuck before it could proceed
quicksmart the worm now took the lead.
He stopped right at the stomach's portal
took out his tools and felt immortal.

He stitched the entrance tightly shut
and then escaped into the gut.
The thief succumbed to suffocation
due to the life-saving creation.
Be this for all of you a guide,
you eat a sandwich? Look inside.

Esther Leclerc 15 June 2006

JUST what I needed right now! ! ! ! ! ! Thank you for this! Esther : ] (Love the title!)

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Gina Onyemaechi 15 June 2006

Herbs! ! ! Ya ha ha! ! !

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I'm laughing out loud, Herr Not-so sour-Kraut. Fab!

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