One Tiny Atom In Love Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

One Tiny Atom In Love

Rating: 4.8

We pray on the worship place
Listening to the Word, sermon and preaching
We kneel, and standing while talking to your Highest Being
Bowing down, planking or sitting meditating to Supreme Consciousness

We have different names of Messenger
Different names of Followers or Leaders
Different dogmas, teachings and decrees
And we have different names of God, god and goddesses

Many ‘were’ persecuted and killed
Tortured, massacred, and avenged
Ambushed, discriminated, condemned and judged
Because on the word ‘faith’

But although different, they All have the Highest Commandment
That is to “Love One Another”
Does it love one another only within the group?
Does it love one another only in the same faith worldwide?

Love One Another Is Universal
Joining and uniting in peace with different skin and race
Holding hands in different nations and continents
Embracing with different group, cultures and faith
Understanding and respect even the unknown in outer space

But love will begin on myself
Not later and not tomorrow
No time to wait others
Love starts at this moment and spread like an air of life to all LIVING CREATURES
To unite as One Tiny Atom In Love

Queeny Gona 12 November 2013

You are right in saying Love one another is Universal and it is an awareness stirring poem!

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Pradip Dasgupta 12 November 2013

nice poem.philosophical.

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Ebi Robert 15 November 2013

a wonderful appeal...many will not understand ur wonderful message but i do..thanks

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Heather Wilkins 18 November 2013

an interesting read grear thoughts.

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Mary Amrutha 24 November 2013

love can conquer our hearts

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Helena Zen 06 May 2014

Let us dig to the deepest into ONE LOVE

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Vilma Gomez 04 May 2014

unite as One Tiny Atom In Love, , Love is Universal.. True indeed

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Jessica Hernandezdamian 25 April 2014

Its wonderful poem. love has different means to other people but I do believe love is part of universal. Great job! I enjoy read it. (:

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Vishal Sharma 24 April 2014

universal poetry Good to read such a fine piece of poetry.....! ! ! Well done

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Shania K. Younce 20 April 2014

I to believe love is universal. Bien!

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