**the World... Poem by Dislocated Heart

**the World...

Rating: 2.8

The world is full of lies, deceiving people.
Love lies between a very thin line.
you never kno if its real,
Or it's all just a simple lie.
Life, As hard as it gets.
We live it,
day after day..
Some suffer from pain, of love.
Some just suffer cuz of their past.
I sit sometimes just wanting to release..
I stare into the world..
seeing that there is no hope,
We create it..

on to a piece of paper,
That I seem to look at for hours..
I wanna write all that I am,
& all that I feel.
Letting out what is not known.
& afraid of what I let go.
I try and hide all the pain inside..
I have my own little world,
that no one seems to kno.

People cry, shed a tear, from time to time.
Just to release all fears.
I am one that keeps it bottled up..
No one knows.
Its my little secret..

We all put covers over our heads..
Walking around in a Big paper bag,
Some still tryin to hide all the pain inside.

But, I, I am letting it go..

The world, full of hate and anger.
We greed and want.
Thats all we do.

We label,
And all the things unspoken..

Its part of life..
A game we all play,
Till its the end of the line.

Then its Bye bye.

~A Little Blue Bird~ 25 October 2008

So this is the truth that reveals the lies? Interesting poem, I liked it! : D ~A Little Blue Bird~

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Chocolate Bunny 25 October 2008

Loved it. Nothing but the truth about the lies.

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Allysyn Bryant 17 October 2008

Love is a simple lie?

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