Thee We Love Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Thee We Love

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Thee We Love, in Thee, we believe

Only you
As we met
during the most beautiful full moon
on the beach, by the sea,

way too early
my life changed with all the tides

immediately fascinated by my appearance
only you

not being aware of
of the big difference
in our sweet childhood,

our sweet early love has changed,
this change is so fast, really insane
only about you

our rosy-colored future hazy,
our God turned into a demon, it really hurt
wished love to return, that moment on
had to walk with you, but on and on
just with you

it was real magic love, sweet love
at first and last glance
from dawn
to the eternal moonlit night
oh what power, what power
could be wrong, could be right
all about you
only you

life and love
so strongly mixed
you knew what went wrong
I just knew I had to be strong
my whole life long
only for you

you I adored, never bored,
our love was still meant for it

as we met
with a sweet full moon
on the beach, by the sea,
my life changed with all the tide
our love like crazy
our lives the happiest
all about you

our most divine love
two genius hearts and one soul
who else can make me whole
you just you

my heart is very fine, listening to you
my most faithful soul,
worship you
my rational being,
that all love you
my existence: all my life, all my love
all real, all transparent
all about you... and me
never holding back,
even though our lives had changed,
but it stayed
that which was true passion and true love,
and is
Really crazy….
you can hardly comprehend it

God's love is so great and all-encompassing,
for our love is drenched in His blood and all-encompassing love,
giving thanks to the Lord in my daily moment,
in Thee, we believe, Amen

Sunday Moments
©Sylvia Frances Chan

Thee We Love
Sunday, May 21, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: God,Love
Michael Cochrane 22 May 2023

A beautiful poem from a devout lady. Wonderful.

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Sylvia Frances Chan

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