Thirty-Eight C

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God, will you help me just today?

I am confronted by a velvet skinned young maiden.
Or should I say presented with her by the grace of...YOU?
Her skin is softer than your own chamois
when it's been soaked in Wolf Blass Chardonnay.
Size 38, a C you know it means to me
that I will have both hands full just to taste
extravagance right in the land of plenty.
You only gave me, Lord, such paltry set of tools,
those hands that reach to her and test her soul's own water.
I am a breast man, as you know, so I will surely drool
and nibble gently, take my time for our sweet journey.
But tell me Lord, what should I do when sweetness
and scrumptious mounds of womanhood beguile me?
There are so many other regions that YOU thought of.
And that draw me; will you consider making time stand still for now?
I could then tear myself away from velvet breasts,
perhaps keep one hot hand upon the biggest nipple,
then cruise to other valleys and some luscious meadows,
with wondrous eyes of childhood and with awe.
How can I kiss her delicate and ruby
manuka-sweet and cherry-ripened lips,
to then depart from your extreme creation
from titillation and the promised bliss?
To find the softest spot in this warm body
I do not need to have you guide me, God.
You have equipped me with your usual foresight
with searching tongue and one more useful feature.
So, on my way I am, I thank you God, for giving
such loveliness and beauty to this sinner.
You made the parts that fit but wisely kept your hand
away from our most private, lustful moments,
so that the pleasure of two sweating bodies
is ours to have and love and keep within ourselves.
I've found it now, and did I mention velvet,
or silk or satin, nothing comes that close.
She said it was her softest spot and God knew
that she was right and then He closed his eyes.
And I don't care about atomic bombs or mayhem,
of frank starvation or the wrath of Hell.
I'm drinking at the fountain of creation
and will remain there under this soft spell.

Sandra Osborne 03 January 2005

Great. just simply damned great, exactly perfect. You are the man! ;)

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Rich Hanson 03 January 2005

A fun poem. I envy you both the poem and the experience.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 03 January 2005

Poetry hound, while I do know the odd religious guy and girl, please do not count me among them. I have a reputation to guard. I may use religious fervor in certain pursuits but look down upon organised and disorganised religion as a man-made morass so full of those substances that ought to be residing in society's sewers....... I do believe in the existence of Gods simply because there is no way that devils could have made woman. H

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 03 January 2005

Any poem from you about a woman is always enjoyable.Thank you.

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Poetry Hound 03 January 2005

Really enjoyed this one, and you didn't even use the word 'temptation' in it! And here I thought you religious guys tried to restrain yourselves on matters of the proverbial pleasures of the flesh.

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