This Incredible Deep Knowing Poem by Anita Atina

This Incredible Deep Knowing

Rating: 4.8

This incredible deep knowing that we share astounds me
An absence of the normal trappings of love, confuses me

That my soul’s mild melancholy was a handmaiden of love, I did not know
My soul is nourished by the love I feel and that I long for

I live in hyper reality, with every sense keenly alive
Everything I touch seems to respond to me

Colours, sunlight, sounds, and even the breeze whisper to my soul
Secrets that are unknown

We live in a rainbow of chaos, Paul Cezanne said
And I feel every emotion, a vibrant colour

The many emotions we live with, love and pain, longing and fulfilment
Enrich our lives and are keys that open the doors

And there are many doors to be opened
Before we reach the light we seek

Junior Pocoloco 08 May 2008

I'm so glad people like you exist to express for us our human hearts and this incredible thing we call life. Not an easy thing to do.

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David Champion 28 April 2008

This is so richly evocative, Anita, so deeply thoughtful...

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Mary Gordley 25 January 2008

What a truly marvelous poem. The thoughts presented are so worthy of consideration and the language employed to express them is just stunning. Thank you very much.

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Leonard Daranjo 25 January 2008

Paul Cezanne and people like him are souls connected to a universal energy. They are the tributaries through which this energy flows. An energy which is spashed on a canvas, forged in stone, trapped in melody or scribbled on paper in manifestation of its power and its presence. I can feel every word you've written. An inspired write Anita. Take care

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Lynda Robson 25 January 2008

Nice writing Anita, very sensitive, aware of everything around you, best wishes Lynda

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