Those Of Us Who Live...In Houses Made Of Rose Colored Glass Poem by Scarlett Treat

Those Of Us Who Live...In Houses Made Of Rose Colored Glass

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There are those among us
Who have been, for years,
Living in Houses...not well
Protected Houses...but Houses
Made of Rose Colored Glass...

And we thought, for the longest
Time, that our houses were perfect...
Until, that is, that first crack appeared? ,
And the house of Rose Colored Glass
Came crashing down at our feet,

And there we were,
Alone and
So Scared.

Well, we developed our own houses
Out of self-defense, simply to cover
Our fears...and We learned to laugh
Again, and stand on our own two feet.

But there are times...Oh, yes, there are
Times, when I long for the dream I had...
And that House of Rose Colored Glass,
For the world was lovely then, and I
Didn't feel so alone...

Scarlett Treat
January 3,2009

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 26 January 2009

Very interesting piece...I like the duel tones you set....incuding the 3rd stanza, that astutely seperates the 2-tone setting.Stanza's 4 & 5, speak more informally & direct, than the 1st & if you were face to face conversating....and i like this play, as it joins the perfect nexus that draws the perfect parallel of two poetic directions confluencing....Excellent Work! F j R 2009

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Chuck Audette 16 January 2009

Brick is the only way to keep out the big bad wolf, but you don't get much light... -chuck

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Lawrence Beck 04 January 2009

Very nice, Scarlett. Remember, you're not alone. Say the word, and people will come running from all over, bringing tubes of glue. Larry

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Scarlett Treat

Scarlett Treat

Jug Fork, Mississippi
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