Thoughts (I Spawned A Million)

Rating: 5.0

I spawned a million thoughts, that taking form,
Whispered with the wind and gave birth
To a million more; some crept into a hollow bough
Nestled there, and went to sleep.
Some weary thoughts tiptoed into the woods,
Found an ancient tomb, and touching the weathered stone,
Said a prayer and moved away. As in a dream,
Others listened to the wind and the sapphire stream
Singing as it ran daintily on, tripping along
Over boulders and pebbles rubbed smooth like glass;
And yet some more winged their way
Into a marbled paradise, to keep fears at bay;
Stringing words into rhyme, and then
Over strange lands and unknown races they flew
Until they stopped, paused and saw you.

Sathyanarayana M V S 22 July 2008

Thoughts sprayed in colourful words. sathya narayana

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Rema Prasanna 14 July 2008

thoughts are like butterflies, fly around in colors and shades and it is a wonderful feeling... Rani I liked this one.10

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Kesav Easwaran 14 July 2008

wandering one millon finding ultimate resort... impressive write, rani 10

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Kyle Shield Laster 14 July 2008

i love it. absolutely brilliant! ! ! keep writing, please! !

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