Thoughts Of A Depressant Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

Thoughts Of A Depressant

Rating: 4.8

Confusion, loneliness, emptiness
Won't seem to go away
Just spinning, twirling
A sea of troubles
Depriving all I have left
Thoughts telling me to do it
Get it over with already
Im worthless, useless
Get walked all over
By people who don't appreciate
Nothing I do is right, not good enough
So tired of feeling
Just want an escape, the pain to stop
Tears back again, drowning in my own sorrow
Meds that only make it worst
Seems to satisfy everyone else
I no longer care, dope me up
Make me feel nothing
No longer want these thoughts
The real me is gone, far away
Can't seem to reach the girl I once was
Too many emotions
Too much pain, hurt, hatred
I can no longer take it
So what if I want out
Im just one less person to worry about!

Aung Si 19 October 2012

I really enjoyed this poem! The ending lines were fantastic! Keep it up!

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Payal Parande 07 November 2012

very deep and heartfelt..i wish you never go through such pain mam.....a brilliant poem though thank you for sharing love payal

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Indranil Bhaduri 06 November 2012

A deep expression.. Loved it..

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(De Va) 29 October 2012

~reaches out her hand~ Someone has been touched by your words, you are not alone...tis the pain that infuses your writings that can be felt by many. rejoice in a talent that is envied by most, revered by some, and brings light to dark things.... If you have not read my evey vendetta, please do...and see...there are people who really do care what you are going through...

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Free Bird 25 October 2012

wow its really heart touching and sad one: ( do read my poems too :)

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Dougie Fresh 22 October 2012

very sad words, i often feel like this as well, it sucks! keep your chin up...very nicely written!

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