*thumbs Up For Peace* Poem by Louie Levy

*thumbs Up For Peace*

Rating: 2.5

See me sad
Touch me glad
Feel me...
not all too soon

Life is here to play
Love has passed our way
Never will it stop
unless it's hitch hiked
by our hearts

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up,
Peace with thumbs UP!

Backpack all our dreams
'Forget Me Not' their seeds
Plant some on the way
Love came by to stay

Bless our hands that plant
Eyes that feel to plow
Cultivate with hope
Tomorrows Sun will rise
for our gloomy nights surprise

Happily will clouds be overcast
Welcoming its fruitful rain to last
Blossoms will the smiley Sun reward
together will Lost hearts beat
love ever forward

Rally up our lonesome selves
be hitched with friends
all the world be of loving Elves

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up,
Peace with thumbs UP!

War will end its evil sound
with Loves ride upon Earths
Peaceful sacred ground

Not all too soon to
heart pack and lease

Hitch we must ride for
Ever lasting Peace

All together NOW ~
All together NOW ~
All together....

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up,
Peace with thumbs UP!

all aboard who's
coming aboard

Peace right NOW!
Peace right NOW!

Ride for Peace

Right NOW! ! !

Yes, John Lennon,
We all hear what you
were singing is,

'Give Peace A Chance'

Comments from Louie:
However created, all Life on Earth be faithfully Loved.

Contemporary solutions for Peace are complex.
Spiritually prescribed are lyric prosody in search of
impassioned voices of Love and Empathy.
Please celebrate this poem's debut here.
Together, with 'Thumbs Up For Peace',
We can and 'Will Voice' it to happen,

For Our All Mighty Love for it,
Please let it be, NOW!


On 1/2/2009 sunny (Alice Salina) proclaimed these words: It is very powerful! very good spirit! and full of loving and hope! If the world have more people like you, the world will become a better place! ------ On 12/24/2007 Santosh (Dr. Santosh Kumar) Cyberwit.net-Editor -crafted these words: 'Thumbs for Peace' by Louie Levy is a vigorous and forceful plea for Peace. The poet's sphere of interest is aptly unfolded before our eyes as he finds vibrant message in Lennon's 'Give Peace A Chance'. The style of the poem presents a full, free and majestic rhythm. The poet has new faith to offer in place of the old which the world so helplessly witnessed during two world wars. Here is visible most impassioned mood for the beginning of a new world. This is Levy's most essential contribution to reawaken sleeping earth. ---- On 12/19/2007 JBStillwater (Janet Brennan) rendered these words: What a grand song, Louie! 'Backpack all our dreams 'Forget Me Not' their seeds Plant some on the way Love came by to stay ' Good luck with this. It is rousing and exciting. Jan (Site Layout and comment contents © Copyright 2006,2008 JB Stillwater, All Rights Reserved) Permiting Here.

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