Time Poem by Tracey TEE


Rating: 5.0

That's all it took was a little time
Yet it seemed eternal pain

Now when I greet the morning
I no longer speak your name.

Your cruel ploy to break my heart
through no fault of your own

is nothing but a memory
of the worst pain that I've known.

Self respect is mine again
no more the fool am I

no longer do I crave you
no longer do I cry,

I now tread very carefully
and protect my inner soul

you hold the very piece
of me that no one else will know.

Stephen Stirk 27 August 2009

Some of the greatest poems are shorties. This has rythmn rhyme and, more importantly, meaning. Great poem Trace Best Steve

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Shashendra Amalshan 22 August 2009

Hello Ma'am.. I am so glad you have written something new! ! ! ! ! ! ! Hey this is good, people say I should live with my head held up high too... easier said than done though.. Anyway a moving, touching one.. loved it.. more than anything I am so glad to have back....10+++ lovess shan

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Great one Tracey. Self respect is so important and to hold your head high is the best way to be. Time heals as you are finding. I enjoyed or rhythm and rhyme too. 10 Karin Anderson

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T S 22 August 2009

I have had a little time away all for a good cause though, hope all my Ph friends are well x

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