To A Lady Poem by William Dunbar

To A Lady

Rating: 3.1

SWEET rois of vertew and of gentilness,
Delytsum lily of everie lustynes,
   Richest in bontie and in bewtie clear,
   And everie vertew that is wenit dear,
Except onlie that ye are mercyless

Into your garth this day I did persew;
There saw I flowris that fresche were of hew;
   Baith quhyte and reid most lusty were to seyne,
   And halesome herbis upon stalkis greene;
Yet leaf nor flowr find could I nane of rew.

I doubt that Merche, with his cauld blastis keyne,
Has slain this gentil herb, that I of mene;
   Quhois piteous death dois to my heart sic paine
   That I would make to plant his root againe,--
So confortand his levis unto me bene.

Sylvia Frances Chan 20 September 2017

WOW, a poet born in the 15th Century (the year 1460) and he wrote already in fonetical format....or were the poets in those days still un-alphaberics, I reckon. This is my honesty that I noted these words, not my brutality towards a senior poet of the 15 Century....BECAUSE ALSO rhis poem is called The Classic Poem of The DAY and mine GROW OLD WITH YOU is called as The Member Poem of TODAY (20 Sept 2017) WOW, I feel flattered, honored and humbled, thank YOU SO MUCH, dear With the very best wishes from Sylvia Frances Chan. My HIGHEST APPRECIATIONS for This Daily of William Dunbar

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Bernard F. Asuncion 20 September 2017

Such an interesting poem written quite a long time ago.....

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Mayurakshi Ojha 20 September 2017

Beautiful poem, so nicely written. Thank you poet for sharing this poem with us. 10

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Sylvia Frances Chan 20 September 2017

SOME corrections my side, since the buttons on my laptop are not clear anymore to be read, I sometimes make mistakes, so sorry, for instance for the T I used the R and so on. But through this comment I have corrected those mistyped letters.The Member Poem of The Day, not TODAY. But The Day IS indeed TODAY....thank you, SFC

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 September 2017

Gentleness! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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James Mclain 20 September 2017

He writes of his desire and covets what the other has and is watching everyday.. iip.. James

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Seema Sharma Rimi 20 September 2017

A poem so nicely penned, gives a fun of haunting. Thanks poet for sharing it. Congrats.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 20 September 2017

Gives a feeling like being Haunted... nicely written. Thanks for the sharing of the lovely poem.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 September 2017

It is a beauriful poem having haunting expression. Thanks for sharing and congratulations for being selected as the poem of the day.

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