To My Abuser Poem by Donna Nimmo

To My Abuser

Rating: 4.9

I'm through with you, can't hurt me anymore
You've had your fun, got what was in store
You played the controlling game too long
I'm free from you now and know you were wrong
You kept me scared and full of fear
You've lost control, this is your tear
No more bruises or black eyes from you
You can take back the fist you once drew
In the winter you can't blow out the pilot light
To keep me cold, you would have to fight
The telephone I can use any time
After all it's no longer your dime
My family and friends are here for me
I'm not sad anymore, but filled with glee
I'm a happy person, found a decent man
He doesn't abuse me, just because he can
You're a sick man and don't deserve anyone
So live your life alone, because i am done

Mysterious Writer 333 14 May 2016

Amazing. Such strong and powerful words. The truth has been spoken. Loved it.

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Thapal Dass 07 January 2012

Dear Donna. It's 2012 and I'e just found your wonderful poem. thank you.

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Con Nie 09 May 2007

Very good poem. Powerful words and Strong. Thanks for posting it. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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Dee Daffodil 26 June 2006

Well done Donna...tell it like it is! Glad you broke free! Hugs, Dee

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