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Growing Up

Rating: 4.8

I didn't know why I was really born
I had a sad childhood and was always torn
Didn't know my daddy, didn't really know my mother
It was just us three, with my sister and my brother
We stuck together and formed a bond
We were all we had and were very fond
We would defend each other all our life
There was pain and fear and plenty of strife
We were abused and neglected most of the time
Then, you could starve and beat your kids, not a crime

We were passed around to home after home
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Mark Dillon 09 November 2012

brilliant poem Donna and a credit to you, you definitely have a talent.

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Liz Munro 16 December 2005

you have a wonderful talent. thankyou for sharing your work. 10/10 Liz.

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Valerie Dohren 09 November 2012

A very moving write, and well done to you for coming through such a tough time with an intact personality which is reflected here. Very well penned.

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Leslie Philibert 09 November 2013

Written reasonably well...

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Alam Saj M.n 09 November 2013

Really a good poem.......

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Terry Craddock 09 November 2014

'Growing Up' by Donna Nimmo is a wonderfully brave and honest poem, which encapsulates the brutal truth of a dysfunctional childhood of physical and emotional abuses and experiential scaring; requiring confrontation in adulthood, to acquire resolution and hopefully new insights strengths, and a long overdue peace of mind.10+

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Jasbir Chatterjee 09 November 2014

It's a marvelous poem...I like your courage and strong will to survive. that's what makes this poem stand out; quite worthy of being poem of the day.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 09 November 2014

Frank expression of a real life story. Sensitive hearts may be grieving. I like it, because, it is some what closer to me too.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 09 November 2014

I thought my pain i the only pain but the pain here is more than mine..emotional poem lovely

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Tony Karas 09 November 2014

Wow! A totally awesome write! I vicariously lived it with you. Hugs, huge hugs, for that you've been through.

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