Donna Nimmo

Donna Nimmo Poems

1. My Love 11/22/2005
2. Does It Matter 12/4/2005
3. Groceries 12/12/2005
4. Social Security Reform 11/27/2005
5. Finding Work 12/8/2005
6. Trying To Find A Job 11/29/2005
7. Donna's Story 11/30/2005
8. Watching My Weight 12/1/2005
9. Because You Love Me 11/30/2005
10. Nursing Home Neglect 11/30/2005
11. My Aunt's Murder 11/30/2005
12. Mr. Right 12/1/2005
13. If Only 11/27/2005
14. Sad This Christmas 12/14/2005
15. Weather Phobia 12/16/2005
16. Silence 1/12/2006
17. Hello Mr. 1/12/2006
18. She Wonders 1/14/2006
19. Tequila 1/14/2006
20. Live In The Jungle 1/16/2006
21. Me 1/16/2006
22. Fish Dinner 1/16/2006
23. Maid 1/17/2006
24. Emptiness 1/27/2006
25. The Chicken 1/29/2006
26. The Lonely House-Wife 1/31/2006
27. Embrace My Love 2/27/2006
28. Hurricane Rita 11/23/2005
29. Alone 11/23/2005
30. The War Hero 1/14/2006
31. Cheated On 1/14/2006
32. Who Helen Was 11/21/2005
33. Mother Dear 11/22/2005
34. Sad Holidays 11/25/2005
35. My Children 11/26/2005
36. A Time At The Beach 11/26/2005
37. Mothers Horror 11/27/2005
38. Kindness 11/28/2005
39. Predicting Ones Life 11/28/2005
40. She Loves Alone 5/20/2006
Best Poem of Donna Nimmo

Happy Mothers Day In Heaven

I reached for your hand, It wasn’t there
I needed your heart, you didn’t care
I was born to you, you couldn’t love me
I was a mistake, you needed to be free

I don’t blame you, life dealt you a bad deal
You never knew love, and could not heal
Abandoned yourself, a very young child
You needed your freedom, to be wild

Trapped like a wild animal all your life
So much burden to have children and be a wife
Made bad choices, abuse was all you knew
The worst of mankind is what you drew

You never healed from being a kid
I couldn’t understand back ...

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Bad Memories

Why do i have to live in pain from years ago and recent
I try to shut out all the pain and to you be so decent
I bury it all and shut it out and it always will erupt
Trying to be always loving and forget so I won't be abrupt
I'm held captive in my mind, the pictures dance in my head
I can't forget the past, my mind busy when I go to bed
My emotions take me where I don't want to be any more
I'm a prisoner to bad memories, where I can't even the score
I start to sink into a deep black hol

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