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A Painful Love

Rating: 4.9

If I became crippeled or maimed
Would I have your love or just your pity?
Would you cherish and take care of me?
Or would you put me in a nursing home?

And go on with your life, as if I never existed
I would never want your, pity only your love
If I should ever become that way, just let me die
Your love so cruel, hardly ever a touch

In my time of need, when I love you so much
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Ray Lucero 01 December 2005

Donna, You convey your pain beautifully. If your story is biographical...have the courage to make changes that move you to happiness and bring you peace. Remember, 'Great changes are the result of great courage' Warmest Regards, Ray

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ainsly richard 24 November 2005

orsum poem i really liked it nice to see that somebody else is puting NEW poems into this site xoxo amber

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Majury Minty 25 February 2012

i feel free; what a nice poem

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 September 2008

Nicely composed the pain. Love it

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Jim Foulk 11 January 2007

nice poem, well wrtitten, keep writing those beautiful poems.

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Sam Gg 26 June 2006

was true good done

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Charley60 K 13 December 2005

I read this poem, and it talked or made me feel so much of what I feel in this relationship I am in. The pain, the hoping someone can see, but perhaps it isn't to see because it isn't meant to be. Someone once told me if you have to work at something too hard or much, then perhaps it is not worth it or wasn't meant to be. Sometimes though the things or the people we love just don't know what tey are missing or perhaps it is their lost. Enjoyed your writing as always.......as always-you inspire me.

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