Today Poem by Daniel Hoffman


Rating: 4.5

Today the sun rose, as it used to do
When its mission was to shine on you.
Since in unrelenting dark you're gone,
What now can be the purpose of  the sun?

Paul Brookes 09 May 2015

Beautiful Sad Such a few words to express so much Great read Great write Thanks BB

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 May 2015

Mission has to shine on you as aroused sun does in day. Wonderful presentation really.

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Richard Atwood 18 April 2020

Robots who read poetry are a curse.

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Susan Williams 18 February 2016

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Few poets know when to stop writing- they keep penning more words which take the glow away from the perfect lines. Awesomely written and awesomely terminated in the right place

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Fabrizio Frosini 18 February 2016

- In Italian: Oggi Anche oggi il sole è sorto, come faceva Quando aveva la missione di brillare su di te. Ma dal momento che sei scomparsa nell'inesorabile tenebra, Quale mai può essere, ora, lo scopo del sole?

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Kelly Kurt 09 May 2015

What can I say that the others have not. A brilliant piece, Daniel. Thanks

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Raymond Farrell 09 May 2015

This is an emotion felt by many that you have captured so well in a few words. Great write, keep writing.

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