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Dear Ones,

I cannot explain WHY I want to submit this.
I had been thinking very long
Not to submit is wrong
Again it's about God's Blessings and Bliss
So This is

A Poem - Prayer to Remember
God's Mercy, Faithfulness, Love, Grace and Compassion

Thank you so very much for reading

© Sylvia Frances Chan - The Netherlands - Wednesday 14 October 2020

"The LORD is gracious and merciful,
slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love"
(Psalm 145: 8) .


We pray the fruit of the Spirit over our lives,
and Your armor over the state of our souls.

God, we come to You for forgiveness daily,
with cracked phone screens and broken hearts.

Our anger costs us, Father,
but You are always there to pick up the pieces.

When we look at a shattered screen,
we cannot see a way to repair it.

We stick a screen protector over it
or cover it with packing tape to hold it together,
but we cannot in our own power
reverse the effects of the breaking.

You can, Father.
When our hearts are shattered, our relationships, marriages, our very lives,
You are there to piece back together
what our anger and this sinful world shatters.

Thank You, Jesus,
for being everything we cannot be.

For following the law perfectly and sacrificing Yourself to put us back together.

We come to You, unable to avoid sin,
but free from its permanent hold on our lives.

Continue to free us, teach us, heal us, and make our hearts more like Yours, Father.

Surrounded in mercy, grace, love faithfulness and compassion.
This is who we want to be. Who we were meant to be,
and will be again someday in eternity.

A day only You know. Increase our trust in You.
Let us lead honest, consistent lives, within the love of Christ.

In Jesus' Name,


Wednesday, October 14, 2020
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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 October 2020

A day only You know. Increase our trust in You. Let us lead honest, consistent lives, within the love of Christ.

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Yiyan Han 16 October 2020

We see the power of prayer again and again in this very year 2020!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 October 2020

We are indebted for receiving God's greatest blessings and mercy, love and values. God's greatest love always protects us. We have strong faith on him. We have greater relationship with him. This poem is very interesting and excellently penned in name of God...5 stars..

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