Today's Great Undead Poets Poem by Joseph James Breunig 3rd

Today's Great Undead Poets

Rating: 4.5

Today’s great undead poets,
awash in the Internet sea,
seek to fill the void of sensible emptiness
of our cyberspace world.
Following the heroic tradition of Man,
these daring individuals look to gain acceptance
through the expression of concepts.
Mirroring the virility and vitality of Life,
in defiance of critical naysayers,
the blankness of virtual paper
is scribbled upon with hurt, hope and ideals.
Writing styles and topics,
whether expressed in romanticized language
or the coarseness of profanity,
are brilliantly reflected in individualized glory
and authors bask in the personal satisfaction of achievement.
In the ever continuing flow of poetic thought,
today’s great undead poets
find treasures in the discovery of self.

Catlin Crawford 19 July 2006

Wonderful! I really loved this poem.

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Sandra Fowler 19 July 2006

A very beautiful tribute. True poets give themselves away in words and words are forever. Regards, Sandra

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Nalini Hebbar 19 July 2006

find treasures in the discovery of self...thats so very true...everyday...every poem...thanks for the wonderful poem...lets all grow together...make the world a better place...ten in

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Gershon Hepner 21 July 2006

Terrific poem, Joe. Nicely phrased, indeed. However, I think few of us, whether great or not great, find much solace from the small rafts like PH which purportedly prevent us from drowning in the Internet Sea in which we are, as you say, awash.

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Diane Violet 08 November 2006

This is a true depiction of us cyberspace poets, very nicely done. All the best, Diane

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Brian Dorn 18 October 2006

Your poetry 'fills the void' admirably... great write! Brian

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joey oo 16 October 2006

Thank you for sending me in your direction - this is truly beautifully scribed and I feel honoured that you took the time to read my humble offering... I particularly liked the title and the way you have woven it into the poem - great work... take care. Joey

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Patricia Gale 23 July 2006

A splendid read, nicely done.

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Fine Work here...Impeccable structure and content quality...How true these statements you marshall into your work.Solid craftsmanship indeed, Joe. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/FJR

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