Too Late Now Poem by Pete Crowther

Pete Crowther

Hull, East Yorkshire, England

Too Late Now

Rating: 5.0

In the supermarket car park
I parked my Kawasaki
400 ZRX, new and gleaming,
locked it took the key
and turned to go, when
I was accosted by an oldish chap
who praised the bike and we
exchanged some technicalities;
he’d been a dispatch rider
once, and he asked me if he might
look closer at my motorbike.
“You’re very welcome, but I
will have to go now,
for I’m running late”,
I said. Too late now—I wish
I’d given him my time,
not walked away, but stayed to talk,
for a look of disappointment
flashed across his face, ‘crestfallen’
was the word that came to mind.
I realize now that what he’d really wanted
was a chat, and I had walked away.

A. B. 26 May 2005

Peter, this is a good one. I just wish you had listened to what the man had to say. But then, , it's never too late, next time, , i'm sure you will have a chat with someone and come up with other poem as beautiful as this one.

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Poetry Hound 25 May 2005

This is more mini-prose than poem, but I like it. An interaction with a stranger is often good fodder for creative writing.

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Ghada Shahbender 25 May 2005

Vwry touching. Not too late... someone else who needs the chat will come along. GS

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Mary Nagy 25 May 2005

Wonderful poem. I think sometimes the best conversations are the ones we have with strangers just as we are crossing paths whether it's the grocery store, park or at work. I love chatting with people (especially elderly) because I feel like they are such a fountain of wisdom and they love to give you all you'll listen to. Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Raynette Eitel 25 May 2005

Lost opportunities are a wonderful topic for a poet, for there are so many in each of our lives. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of taking time. This is really nice. Raynette

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Pete Crowther

Hull, East Yorkshire, England
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