Touch Me In The Morning Poem by Misty Heart

Touch Me In The Morning

Rating: 5.0

Touch me in the morning...
with the cold wind wake my soul.
Touch me as the sun touches the world.
Hold me like tomorrow's gonna end;
and wish you'll hold me forever till the end.

Hold me tight as rushing waters
flow endlessly through the night.
Touch my heart and light me up
to warm my lonely days...
Touch me softly as you gently touch my face.

Kiss me till we run out of breath;
and tell me that you'll love me till death.
Kiss me to ease the hunger inside...
and show me how good it is to be by your side.

Hug me like you'll never let me go;
Caress me like we want it, slow.
Hug me as the rainbows touch the clouds...
caress me as to erase my doubts.

Want me as you wanted air...
and tell me just how much you care..
Want me as the world wants the sun;
Love me as you hold my hand.

By then I'll ask for nothing more,
just for you to need me...kiss me tenderly;
Love me for eternity; hold me as it feels so right...
touch me in the morning all the days of my life.

Jennifer Unknown 24 August 2007

This is incredibly beautiful.

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