Ace Of Black Hearts

Bronze Star - 2,739 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

Traveling In The World Of Dreams - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

A ghost.
An apparition.
A habitual existence.
Is it really even there?
In the darkness of despair.
With eyes to stare, to compare.
What is really different?
The same bout.
The same longing shout.
Just let me escape this rigid place.
A cavity to embrace.
Poison right from the mouth.
It is seeping in.
And I just don't know if I can stop it.
Pain pooling.
To many flashes, to many sudden images.
The waterfall that forever kisses the long forgotten glorified stream.
I want to be there right now.
Gazing through a spinning dance of the soul.
But it will never be completely.
Lost in thought is always only temporary.
Moving through time.
For a moment it almost rhymes.
Riding a dust cloud through entire world in the matter of seconds.
It leaves me so breathless.
It is so magical.
It is so beautiful.
Any forgone conclusion with words can't properly describe.
Drifting through walls.
There all in my head anyways.
Getting around the blocks.
Nothing can stand in my way.
Not in my dreams.
No never, not in this endeavor.
The clothes I'm wearing just appeared.
Got to fit in with current environment.
Yep thats right always dressed for weather.
From the biting wind in a crystal cave in the middle of February.
To humid day in the rain forest with so much life.
It glitters with so many greens.
All shapes and sizes.
No compromises.
No deforestation.
What an aggravation.
I know it must feel like for the native.
Greed for a select few in all of humanity.
I can't fix society.
But I can drown out all the awful sounds.
The ones I don't want to hear.
I acknowledge they exist.
But it doesn't mean they should playing non stop in such a pale background.
A constant sadness.
I'm sorry but I can't have it.
Avoiding the unending madness.
This is how I do it.
Each and every morning.
Can't you see I just want to be happy.
I do want to stop all the suffering.
But no one man can do it alone.
It is together, or we accomplish nothing.
Failures of the soon to be forgotten.
Don't worry about he wasn't so important.
Just a naive man, such a ridiculous plan.
We will never allow that kind of change.
Life would be hard for all of us.
But isn't that the way it suppose to be?
It not suppose to be Christmas day all year around.
Mere objects, possessions, conveniences.
A diamond for a child's hunger, or murder.
These are the kind of trades also ruining the places in which live.
In generations to come what kind of place will be living in?

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