Treat Me Right Poem by Jeri Martindale

Treat Me Right

Rating: 4.8

Don't you dare stand there and stare at me without even trying to tell me what to do right now.

I can see that you want so badly to scream my name out loud!

To grab me by arms and shake me around, even if it's only for a little while,
as I stare at you with what appears to be a vacant smile.

I bet you are wondering why I would even want to smile at your angry hands.

That's because I made you want to do these things to me with a turn of my head and a simple glance.

Did you even know that I have this much power over you, so much that I can stand here looking all innocent and sweet and make you want to hurt me?

I need it, grab me again, slam me up against that cold wall behind you, and know while I'm standing here with tears running down my face, I'm still in control.

Cause you know these dark feelings inside of me need to escape some how, so I fight back, but only for a little while, just enough to get you riled.

I lick my lips as I stare at you as if I am frightened, only inside I am so excited that you are pulling my hands behind my back.

I promise I won't look back at you again unless you turn my head that way, because I am in heaven, going through all this hell with you.

Why? Because I wanted you, I called you to me without even making a sound.

Don't you see how beautiful my skin looks as you push me down and crawl over me from behind?

Totally lost in ecstacy, I don't even know what the hell is going on, only I do, this scene has been playing over and over in my mind for so long!

This violent fantasy, coming alive, groping, grabbing as the claws come out.

Dragging them down your strong back, but you won't stop; I can't stop, even if I wanted to how could I?

Eyes rolling back, screaming out loud, another smile, as I slowly reach up softly touching your face, all that pent up aggression has escaped.

Watching you, humming softly; consumed with you as your arms wrap lovingly around my tiny body.

Monday, March 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: control,fantasy
Jazib Kamalvi 20 September 2017

Write comment. Great imagination, Jeri. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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Mizzy ........ 24 September 2016

Despite the apparent aggression and looming danger there's a great sense of wild release and ultimate surrender. Well written piece!

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