Unleashed Poem by Jeri Martindale


Here I come, watch out; I might catch on fire because tonight I am exploding inside and I don't care what anyone thinks because I am perfect.

Yes, I feel it, my eyes are gleaming, a little mischief inside. Well my friend, I am not hiding myself tonight.

I am going to dance around this fire, I am going to laugh and smile; I am going to loose control, I am completely real alright.

So I don't care if anyone runs away or is afraid. Turn the other way or better yet walk away. I am full throttle tonight and I don't care who I burn.

I am pure, I am warm so beware, but most of all I am an angel walking on Earth; nothing to fear dressed in white, bare feet, a light shinning bright, magic that GOD himself gave to me when he gave me life.

Yes I've been this person my whole life! I know me, the world is about to know me as well, as I spin around holding out my hands because that is exactly what I am supposed to do; to be who I am.

Energized, alive, on fire; inside me all this power, I am allowing it to escape my finger tips, my mouth and lips; falling upon all those around me like a fresh spring shower.

Friday, June 27, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: self-acceptance
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